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Is the clutter and lack of functional organization in your home cramping your style? Let us come up with a system that you can live and work with that will help you maintain daily order in a peaceful space. We will find a place for everything and everything in its place. Complimentary hand-holding when it's time to just toss it!

"I live and work in a very small apartment that became overridden with far too much stuff that I was having tremendous difficulty parting with. Diane patiently helped me define separate activity spaces and organizing solutions that were so exciting to me that I was finally willing to eliminate the clutter that was causing me stress and affecting my health. Both my health and my business have greatly improved. I am truly grateful."
Jane Sisti, Tiburon, CA

"I am quite the pack-rat and it had gotten to the point where there was no room to walk around my home office. There were boxes and papers everywhere. Diane was able to clear a path to order and organization that I'd never seen before. I am now able to be more productive."

Mike Gleim, San Francisco, CA



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